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High Fives

Meet our Volunteers

Better Products in a Better Way

Meet the Team

You know how you have people in your life you can count on? Well these are some of mine. These women (notice how it's always women!) have been absolutely amazing in the planning of this gala and I would not have been able to do it without joke! ~ Jacquie

About the Team

Why Do We Do This?

Great question! 

This first year has been rough on the organizing committee. We've had several (like more than 2!) tragedies that have directly affected members of the committee. We've had many roadblocks but these amazing women have stuck with it all despite having careers of their own!

Volunteering is not for the weak and its not for flakes. You really have to believe in what you're doing to commit to the level required and we really, REALLY do!

I am constantly amazed that people have been so supportive and these people here, they have gone over and above. Whatever I ask, they find a way to do it! 
I am eternally grateful for the help. I promise we'll start earlier next year! 

Love to you all!

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