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Meet our Beneficiaries

Do-gooders on the North Shore! Everything you spend tonight will be distributed among our beneficiaries. 

A volunteer community-based search and rescue team providing a life-saving service to the public, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Backpack Buddies partners with schools, community groups, and community support workers to get food directly into the hands of children. School administrators, teachers, and social workers identify those students who are going hungry and advise Backpack Buddies of how many meal bags they need each week for the students in their schools.

The North Shore Black Bear society is a non-profit in North Vancouver that educates people, and bears, about bear safety and attractant issues.

The North Shore team provides “deep woods” services as many of their guests live in local ravines and forests, often resistant to moving from their camps into a shelter or housing. North Shore’s outreach team operates in District of North Vancouver, City of North Vancouver, District of West Vancouver and Squamish Nation.

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